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This toolbox was designed to facilitate team, group, student, community, etc. conversations. You can certainly use it alone, but it’s intended to help you collaborate with and learn from others. Use the toolbox in person and/or virtually through links and QR codes. The following four core components can be used independently or interdependently as "scaffolding" for one another.



Do you have plans  to volunteer and/ or participate in a program helping out communities, nonprofits and/ or social enterprises?


Great! Check out this brand new PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY to help you “level up” before and while you’re engaging with community members. Build and enhance your COLLABORATIVE CHANGEMAKING MINDSETS and SKILL SETS. Learn how to put EMPATHY, EQUITY and EMPOWERMENT into action. Get COMMUNITY-READY and CAREER-READY.

Do you have plans THIS SUMMER to volunteer and/ or participate in a program helping out communities, nonprofits and/ or social enterprises?



This COLLABORATIVE CHANGEMAKING CERTIFICATE is being offered to college and university students by Collaborative Changemaking Labs, National Peace Corps Association, and AshokaU. The content and design of this certificate was led by Greg Van Kirk, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Guatemala) and Ashoka Fellow. Over the past nearly 20 years, Greg has designed and led global changemaking programs for thousands of students in collaboration with dozens of colleges and universities.The priority goals of this new COLLABORATIVE CHANGEMAKING CERTIFICATE are - To help students get better equipped and feel more empowered as collaborative changemakersTo provide students with a “toolbox” of universal, proven, and practical resources for putting empathy, equity, and empowerment into action while working with organizations and community membersTo help students volunteer/ work with purpose-driven organizations more intentionally, effectively, and sustainablyTo help students build and enhance essential, “future-proof” changemaking mindsets and skill setsTo assist college and university leadership that are supporting students who are volunteering with, consulting for, and/ or innovating with purpose-driven organizations/ community membersTo help people create and nurture mutually supportive relationships


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